Our Story


I've always wanted to start something that matters. Something that impacts lives and allows others to carry that influence forward.

The people, places, and culture I have surrounded myself around remind me that someone with so little can carry the biggest smile and that happiness is just a matter of perspective. I thought it would only be right to start my first project by creating a swimsuit line, inspired by the amazing people who’ve impacted my life. Each swimsuit embodies a unique, true story behind the name.

Choosing a charity was by far the hardest part of the process. I wanted to pick something that I can relate to. So I decided to start my own Non-profit “The Madison Callaghan Foundation.” I knew it was the perfect fit to mold and help others in areas I knew how. Playing sports can provide an outlet for people facing overwhelming obstacles in life. I personally can relate to these struggles having grown up with depression and I know that sports can be a source of motivation, confidence, and resolve. Sports can serve as an escape from the often difficult world that we live in and I believe that every child should have the opportunity to play. There are children around the world who are prohibited from pursuing a dream in sports they may not even know they have yet, because they do not have the means to explore such dreams. This charity reflects Bongani's hope to provide more opportunity and support to those who need it the most. To be another family.

My Commitment is to donate 25% of profits to my foundation. One child will receive a clothing uniform for every swimsuit purchased.

I hope with this line, everyone can find a bit of inspiration for change.... Suit up for Change.

Thank you!


Madison Callaghan